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Bruce and Jan
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 35: Lautoka, Fiji

Last night we sailed around the island from Suva to the town of Lautoka.  We only had to go 10 knots hugging the island with almost no wind, so it was a very smooth ride.  What a difference it makes being on the other side of the island!  We left all the rain behind and found bright sunshine.  It was REALLY hot, but not terribly humid.  Suva is the capital and the largest city in Fiji.  Lautoka is about half the size and much more quaint.  The population here is primarily from India, which surprised me.  The Indian people were first brought here to work in the sugar cane fields.  When they were given the chance to return to India, they said ‘no thanks’.  The clothing stores mostly sell saris and other Indian apparel.  They’re so brightly colored and covered with sequins, the store fronts are beautiful.

Our pier was industrial.  They had free shuttles into town.  We didn’t have any agenda other than getting a magnet.  That didn’t take long.  We came back to the ship and decided to take advantage of the brilliant sunshine.  We sunned by the pool for a while to bronze up our tans. 

As we sailed away, a full military band played for us on the pier.  I didn’t know it until we were pretty far away.  

We’ll have a sea day tomorrow, on our way to Vila, Vanuatu.  They filmed a season of “Survivor” there a few years ago.  We hear it’s another fantastic island.  We only need 14 knots to arrive on time, and the Captain says it will be sunny and smooth all the way there.

Tonight we have dinner with the Captain – again.  We don’t know why they keep asking us, but we’re glad they do.  It’s always interesting to talk with him – not to mention the food is incredible.
Bula, bula from Penelope (my ring).  She loves being near water the color of her center stone.  When Penelope’s happy, I’m happy.

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  1. How exciting! Looking forward to seeing you guys again. Not sure I'll recognize you though.