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Bruce and Jan
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Just 1 more day...

Up til now it's been all about getting US ready to travel.  We made sure to get our flu shots last week.  Getting sick on vacation really sucks!!  All our bills are paid up and the online payment system has been set up and tested for several months now.  The bags are packed and sitting by the front door.

Today it's all about getting the HOUSE ready for our absence.  Doing up the last bits of laundry like sheets and towels, emptying out the fridge (and asking the neighbor to set the trash out for us - can you imagine coming home to 40 days of stinky trash smell??), making sure all the dishes are done, bringing all the plants in from outside, unplugging all unnecessary appliances, getting the sprinkler system blown out for Fall, etc. etc.

I'm such a Nervous Nelly that I've double and tripled checked that our passports and Australian tourist visas are in my purse along with the boarding passes and itinerary info.  Can't imagine what I've forgotten to pack, but there's not an inch of space left in any suitcase, nor is there an ounce to spare, so it doesn't matter anyway.  We'll just have to beg, borrow, or steal anything we forgot.

It'll be hard to sleep tonight, we're so full of anticipation and excitement for our adventure.  I always fear doing the "Home Alone" thing - sleeping through the alarm and being woken by the limo driver only to have to scramble like crazy people.  And yes, there really is a limo driver.  It's way cheaper than 40 days of parking at the airport and kinder than asking our working friends and family to take us and pick us up. 

We fly from Denver to Honolulu (via San Francisco) with arrival at 3:07 PM.  We'll take the shuttle to the hotel and get checked in.  When my niece Jana gets off work, she'll pick us up and we'll do the town.  So until tomorrow....  Alooooooooooooha!

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