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Bruce and Jan
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 2 - Boarded the Ship... and we're off

We awoke at 6:00 AM to cloudy skies.  Bruce had some emergency tasks to do for his computer clients in the morning before we left the hotel (while we still had free internet). 

Our shuttle to the port came at 11:45.  We got checked in quickly, our bags were waiting for us at the stateroom, and we actually found a place for everything.  I really must have done a perfect job of packing!  We always book an inside cabin for several reasons:
    1. We can travel twice as often by spending half as much  (and we still go all the same places, eat the     same food, and enjoy the same entertainment, etc.)
    2. I have sleep issues and prefer the dark cave 
    3. If I had a balcony I would probably be too distracted by the scenery and not get my writing done

So - let the feeding frenzy begin!  Lunch was yummy.  It takes a lot of restraint and will power to not overdo it at the buffet.  We agreed to pace ourselves and remind each other that we have 39 days so we don't have to eat it all on the first day.  HAH!!  It's just soooo yummy...  oh boy, gotta get grip on this!  Tomorrow....

Around 2:00 the rain set in.  First just a drizzle, then at times it poured.  Hawaiians have a saying that if it rains on the day you leave, it means the island is crying and that you will return.  It rained the last time we left and we did return, so I hope this holds true for the future.  I love Hawaii.

On Royal Caribbean we are Diamond status (loyalty program).  One of the benefits is a Happy Hour each day with free wine, champagne, and soft drinks.  Bruce took his laptop and worked, I read my book, while we sipped champagne.  I passed the halfway mark in this 500+ page book I'm reviewing, thanks to lots of reading time on the plane.

Dinner was nice.  We're at a table for 8, but only one other couple showed up.  Kay and Roger are from Las Vegas - nice couple who love movies.  That made an easy topic for getting acquainted.

We got to do the always fun and exciting muster drill at 10:30 PM.  We thought some people might come in their PJs and bunny slippers.  There are 500 children on board, or so I overheard an officer tell someone.  I felt sorry for the sleepy little ones who had to stay up for the drill.  Seems it's Spring Break time in Australia.  1,500 of the 2,500 aboard are Aussie's.  We've been hearing that accent all day.  By the end of the trip I'll probably have picked it up.

The jet lag has really caught up with me.  I'm ready for a long sleep.  I think by tomorrow I'll have my body adjusted to the 4 hour time change.  Getting my "sea legs" may take a few more days.  That's what I call developing adequate leg muscles to climb stairs all the time.  The elevators take too long and we can always use the extra exercise.  I'll probably be feeling it tomorrow after running around the ship all day today.

I can feel the ship moving now, so I believe we are under way at last.  We opted not to go to the sail-away party.  We'll have 2 more opportunities to do that when the hour is more reasonable and we aren't so tired.  There's nothing like being gently rocked to sleep by the motion of the ocean.

Tomorrow is forecast to be sunny and warm.  We'll be at sea for the next 5 days and they have lots of fun things to do:  lectures, dance classes, demonstrations, shows, and food galore.

G'night all... more tomorrow.  (Oh no - was that a touch of Aussie already slipping in already?)

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