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Bruce and Jan
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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Days 3-4-5: Water water everywhere...

Water, water everywhere and not a drop... of land in sight.  If your dream vacation is to truly get away from it all, well this one's for you.  It's pleasantly warm with a nice breeze, sunny with just a few puffy clouds, and the ocean is calm and gorgeously deep blue.

If you think you might have missed a few posts, well.... you didn't, I did.  I've been battling with severe nausea for 2 days.  We were at a loss for the cause.  The sea is barely rolling - swells are about 2-4 feet high.  That's nothing.  Certainly not cause for sea sickness, even though motion sickness is a family trait.  Yet, I couldn't shake this very queasy feeling.  We missed dinner for 2 nights including the first formal night.  Our dinnermates probably wonder if they offended us.

Recently some marketing person decided we were having a baby and we ended up on all the lists - we've  been getting samples of formula, diaper coupons, photography ads, and endless calls from insurance agents for a few months.  I was starting to think maybe they knew something I didn't! Heaven forbid!

Finally - I remembered.  One of the side effects of the flu shot was nausea and flu-like symptoms about a week after getting the shot.  Bingo!  It was exactly one week after.  Mystery solved.  I had planned to get it much sooner, but the timing didn't work out.

Today I woke up feeling much better - and STARVING!!  We're finally back to vacation mode.  Of course, the writing is yet to come.  I can't believe I haven't written one word on the screenplay yet.

I'm so sad, there's no Port and Shopping Guide on board.  My dear friend Jimmy, who was our guide in the Bahamas, had been on Rhapsody all summer in Alaska.  But, he left just before we boarded so we missed seeing him.  He was the guide who assisted us when we bought Penelope (my ring).  I guess I'm on my own for the 4 ports we'll be in this time.  There's not much to buy in these small ports anyway.  I think we'll pick up a new guide in Sydney for the next leg of the trip.  I have my heart set on buying Australian opal and pearls on this trip.

The captain informed us during his noon update that we'll be crossing the equator tonight about 9 PM.  There'll be a lot of noise and celebration.  This will be my first time below, so I'm excited. 

Still 2 more sea days before we get to Tahiti. The Polynesian and Tahitian musicians and dancers are getting us ready with performances and dance classes.  I was finally feeling up to it today, so I tried it.  So much fun!
That's me in the blue sarong

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