Bruce and Jan

Bruce and Jan
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Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 24: Cairns

Wow, the rain actually stopped in Cairns.  We walked up this street and found some shopping. 
I bought my token magnet and an Australia T-shirt.  We looked at the opals and decided they were just crazy expensive.  I did get two little freebie lapel pins that are gold kangaroos with a tiny bit of opal on their bellies.  Maybe I can have earrings made from them??  Oh well, at least I will get to bring home a tiny bit of Australian opal.  I think Jimmy, our favorite shopping guide from our cruises last spring, was right about the opals – buy them in Mexico or the Caribbean.  They’re a little too proud of them here.

I saw this beautiful tree that was full of wild parrots.  Can you see the one sitting at the end of the red thing?

We hung out on deck this afternoon and soaked up what few rays were making it through the overcast sky.  I worked out a sub-plot for my movie that I want to weave in to help fill up the 10 pages that I’m short.  I hope this will get me there.  If so, then it’s just a matter of polish and I’ll be DONE!!!

We sailed in and out of Cairns without incidence.  Captain Stein is a very capable sailor.  I was able to take a few shots before my camera battery died.  I got this shot of the boat we took to the Reef yesterday.  It was docked near where we had been docked.

We’re headed back south now.  Tomorrow we’ll be in Airlie Beach (pronounced AIR-lee).  The town has arranged a big festival for us.  I can’t wait to see what they’ve put together.  If the past ports were any indication, I bet this will be pretty amazing.  The Australians are so hospitable to their guests.  I hope it doesn’t rain on our parade!!

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