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Bruce and Jan
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 29: Sydney Part 2

Sydney, Australia – Part 2.  Last time we were here it was freezing cold, windy, and really nasty.  Look, Ma – no coat!!
We had a beautiful sunny day – 75 degrees with just a slight breeze.  We had a leisurely morning before we headed off to explore this amazing city.  At least today is a weekday and everything is open.

The Rocks is a shopping district just 2 blocks from the pier.  We went there first to get educated on the beautiful Australian opals.  The prices are just crazy expensive and I knew I couldn’t buy any, but I wanted to see them and learn all I could about them so I won’t get ripped off next year in the Caribbean or Mexico when I probably will buy some at a much more reasonable price.  We went to a few high-end stores and saw some gorgeous jewelry.  Mission accomplished.  I now know everything to look for – and more importantly – what to avoid.

Next we headed towards Darling Harbor and looked at souvenirs along the way.  We found everything we were looking for.  I also visited the chemist (pharmacist) again for some cough medicine.  I’ve pretty well licked the sinus infection and bronchitis, but can’t quite kick this nagging dry cough.  After coughing all night long – again – and not sleeping much – again – I really needed something.  The brands of medicine are so different from US meds, so it’s impossible to know what to buy.  The chemists are knowledgeable and helpful, thank goodness.  Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

We went to the Queen Victoria Building, as we had been told by a native that it was a must-see.  I agree.  It’s an old building (1898) that has been other things, but is now a mall.  Wow, it’s stunning.  We didn’t buy anything, just looked around.

We got on the free city bus and rode the whole loop around this part of the city, just to see more of it without walking our legs off.  I’m still so impressed with the blending of old and new.  I just don’t know how to describe how beautiful this city is.
Our last stop was the famous Sydney Opera House.  It’s right across the pier from where the ship is docked.  We almost didn’t go there since we took lots of pictures of it last time.  But I’m glad we went.  I was so surprised – it’s such an optical illusion!  Every picture I have ever seen – including all the ones I took 2 weeks ago – make it look like it’s all one building.  It’s not - it’s actually 4 separate buildings!  I was shocked to discover this.  Here’s the proof – this picture shows the gap between 2 of the buildings.  What a well kept secret! 

We came back to the ship, had lunch, and relaxed in our room.  I ‘m so pooped from night after night of coughing.  We went out for the mandatory muster drill and OMG – Brrrr again.  It had rained a bit and turned cold with a sharp wind.  Good thing those drills are short.  It’s just after 6:00 PM and we’re sailing away in a lovely sunset over the city and harbor.  I just can’t get enough of Australia.  We’ll return here one more time before we fly home. 

We’ll have 2 sea days before we reach the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia on Saturday.  The captain says we should have calm seas and warm temps all the way there.  Hopefully I’ll be rested up and ready for a beach day by then.

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