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Bruce and Jan
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Days 13-14: Skipping Over Tuesday

Today is Monday.  Back to work for most of you with J O B ‘s.  This should cheer you up a bit.  Here in the S. Pacific we’ll be crossing the International Date Line sometime around midnight tonight.  We’ll leap from Monday to Wednesday.  No Tuesday.  It’ll just go ‘poof’.  I’ve absentmindedly lost lots of days, but never for real.  So if you were here with us, you’d have a 4-day work week.  We’ve crossed a time zone each of the last 2 nights, so we‘re now 6 hours behind Denver time.  At midnight we’ll be 18 hours ahead.  Not to worry, though.  We’ll get that day back when we fly home.

When we crossed the equator, we went from being Pollywogs to Shellbacks.  I’m not sure what we’ll become when we cross the date line.  I know there’s a term for it.  They’ll probably do another silly ceremony about it tomorrow.  Stay tuned for that….

The sea is very calm today, just a gentle roll.  It’s a welcome relief from all the tossing about of the past few days.  It poured down rain last night.  Today an eerie fog surrounds the ship.  It’s like one of those creepy horror movies where a monster jumps out and gets you.  It’s still a balmy 84 degrees and not too much wind so it’s very pleasant.

We’re up on Deck 9 near the pool, listening to a Jamaican cover band while we write.  We both wrote a lot yesterday and today.  Bruce is down to the final page of his Counterfeit Bill episode and I’m within 15 pages of finishing my screenplay.  I nailed down the ending and I’m just filling in gaps here and there to fluff it up.  I’ll be ready for some readers very soon.  Any volunteers?  It’s a cute family film about a young girl and her animals. 

I’ve also been reading a book that I was asked to review for a potential movie.  I’m just past halfway, so I have a ways to go yet.  It’s somewhat interesting, but very slow.  I’m withholding opinion until I finish it.

Still 3 more sea days after today to reach Sydney.  I hear that the entrance into the harbor is spectacular.  We’ll be up early to see that!  We’re planning to either visit the Topanga Zoo or take in downtown Sydney.  We’ll have 2 more port days in Sydney, and thus 2 more chances to see fun things.  We’ve been looking ahead at all the tour options and planning out our days in all the ports.

Stay tuned for more updates and our exciting Adventures Down Under.

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