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Bruce and Jan
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 28: Sea Day

We thought we’d have a nice, relaxing day at sea and get a lot of writing done today.  Ha!  Any time two blonds take off on a 40-day trip, you know it’s bound to happen – we’ll both have a “blond moment” at the same time.  Today was the day. 

Last night we had a time change – only this time we lost an hour.  We somehow overlooked this in the Cruise Compass and didn’t hear it in any of the PA announcements.  We stayed up late last night and slept in late this morning – REALLY late, as it turns out.

We had a luncheon at 11:15 for those of us continuing on to Fiji.  We decided to have a light nibble at (what we thought was) 10:15.  We got back to the room and started getting ready for the luncheon.  All at once the Captain started doing his noon report.  We thought, “That’s odd.  Why is he doing that so early?”  Bruce turned on the TV and sure enough, the ship’s time was noon.  Ooops.  We’re now an hour late for lunch.

There were customs forms and other papers to pick up, and info we needed to know, so this was not good.  We hurried up and went to the dining room.  Luckily the lady was still there so we got all the paperwork.  But we should have had our room keys already delivered and they weren’t.  We’re still waiting for those.

We didn’t stay for lunch, we just went to the Windjammer later on because we had all this paperwork to do, like fill out the customs forms and the customer service survey for this leg, and looking over the excursion list for the next leg so we can pre-book anything we want without waiting in line.  We get priority booking this way before all the new cruisers come on board tomorrow.  We had to run all sorts of errands also, like turning in our pool towels, getting cash for the gratuities, booking our next open-ended cruise, and all that jazz.  We also had to get the lottery numbers from last night to see how much I won on my tickets: zilch.  I guess I had in fact used up all my luck earlier in the day.  Today seemed like a whole day of things we HAD to do and nothing we WANTED to do. 

Tonight is about saying good-bye to the departing passengers and thanking all of our servers for this cruise.  I must say, it’s been a fabulous experience here in Australia in spite of the rough seas getting here and a few days of nasty weather.  I have a deep affection for the people and animals I met here.  I’m sad to be leaving and hope to return here many times in the future.

Tomorrow we will dock again in Sydney.  I sure hope it’s warmer than the last time!  They said that day was the coldest day of the year and was very unusual.  Most of the passengers will be leaving us and we’ll have new ones coming on board.  It’s hard to believe how fast the time has flown by.  Next time it’ll be us leaving the ship.  Boooo!

We’re planning a day of walking around Sydney.  We’ll probably explore The Rocks, an area very near the dock known for great shopping, and maybe we’ll go over to the Opera House for a photo op.  I’ve also heard that the Queen Victoria Building is a must-see.  It was built in 1898, and has been converted to a 5-story shopping mall.  The architecture and fixtures in the building are supposedly incredible.

We’ll be sailing out of Sydney tomorrow evening at 6:00 and heading off to the Fiji islands.  The last leg of this trip should be more conducive to writing.  I hope so!  We’ve been playing more than working, for sure.  Is that such a bad thing?

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