Bruce and Jan

Bruce and Jan
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 7: Another Boring Sea Day

This is our fifth day at sea.  We enjoy the sea days, but our shipmates are starting to go stir crazy.  I expect it to be a shoving match tomorrow when we land in Tahiti.  Rhapsody is the second smallest class of ship in the fleet and doesn't offer as many amenities as the really large ships do.  We appreciate having all the necessities conviently at hand.  But we're learning that not everyone feels that way.  We have 4 port days in a row, and then we go into a 6-day stretch at sea before we arrive in Sydney.  If they're losing it now, what will they be like by then????  I'm just glad we have projects to occupy our time so we don't become claustrophobic. Hopefully sanity will be restored with the port days.

It was a great writing day.  I've almost wrapped up the ending of my screenplay.  I still have room to add in some cute antics for the charachters and I need to clean up some continuity issues.  That's the easy part.  After that - it's a matter of polish.  Bruce worked on the re-write of a Counterfeit Bill episode.  He's feeling pretty good about it.

Bruce has to be online at 5:30 AM to have a chat with one of his clients.  That's probably a good thing so we won't oversleep and miss any time in Tahiti.  I'm looking forward to watching us sail into the port.  The islands always look so beautiful as we arrive in the morning light.  We're supposed to be cleared to go ashore around 9 AM.  We'll probably blend into the mob and go as soon as we can in order to max out the day.  We don't have any real plans other than just walking around and taking it in.  I'll be on my usual quest for the perfect fridge magnet.  My psychic friend Sally once told me that I have a strong karmic connection to Tahiti and that I should go if I ever got the chance.  I will be on the lookout for those "Twilight Zone" moments and see if anything happens.  I'll take lots of pix and be sure to post some in tomorrow's blog.

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