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Bruce and Jan
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 30: Sea Day

Day 30 – already.  Just 10 more days.  I can’t believe how fast they’ve flown by.  We’ve had some amazing experiences in spite of the nasty weather that has seemed to follow us around.

Today is the first of 2 sea days on our way to the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia.  My goal is to polish off the book I’ve been reading which was under consideration to become a movie.  Then I have to write a book report and email it to our business partner in Los Angeles.  It’s a beautiful sunny day and the seas are calm.  It’s a great day to read.

Mission accomplished.  The last 100 pages were a breeze compared to the first 425.  The ending was pretty good.  I wrote a report suggesting that if we do the movie, we focus on the end and only throw in bits of the beginning as necessary to set up the plot.  It would be a challenging task to condense this tome down to a two-hour screenplay, but I’m up for it if he decides to buy the rights to the book.

He promptly emailed back that he has decided to pass on this project.  I think it’s a wise decision.  But I am almost ready for a new project so we’ll have to come with something.

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