Bruce and Jan

Bruce and Jan
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 26: Sea Day

Today we were at sea.  I had planned a nice relaxing day of writing.  That’s what I get for planning.  It ended up being a social day. 

First, we were invited to a luncheon for “American continuous cruisers”.  There were about 30 of us.  They divided us into 3 groups and assigned 2 American crew members to sit with each group.  It was really nice, but did take a lot of our time.

After the lunch, we dashed off to take a dance lesson on the waltz.  We’ve done it before but figured we could us a refresher course.  Somehow it was much harder than I remembered!

We had a couple of hours where we both wrote a bit.  Then we had to get ready for formal night.  We were invited to have dinner with the Staff Captain.  He’s the 2nd in command on the ship.  If anything happens to the captain, he would take over.  We had a wonderful meal much like last week.  There was one major difference in the menu options – kangaroo was added.  Yes, I’m serious.  No one ordered it.  So, they brought around a plate of it and offered everyone a sample.  I might have tried it if we weren’t planning to go pet the roos tomorrow.  Somehow it just felt like I couldn’t have looked them in the eye after having eaten their cousin the night before.  The ones who tried it said it was like venison.

After dinner we went to the Diamond event with the captain.  He remembered us from last week and we visited with him for a few minutes.  He told us the weather forecast was good for Brisbane.  I was relieved to hear it.

Then it was bedtime already.  We had finally decided to go to the Australia Zoo.  We hadn’t bought the tickets yet, so I set the alarm for 6:45 AM to be first in line at 7:00 when the Excursion desk opens.  I’m really excited about getting to interact with the roos.  They’re so funny!

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